Why Study Abroad – Why Every Student Should Study Abroad?

Why Study Abroad? Benefit to Studying abroad is the Opportunity to discover Yourself

Why Study Abroad

Many individuals aspire to study in abroad and this dream can be fulfilled easily these days. There are great study destinations across the world offering numerous degree courses. In India, it has been seen that students usually prefer to study abroad for master’s degree. Choosing to study in abroad is an exciting and challenging journey. There are lots of steps to be followed, before an individual can finally go and study abroad. Being an international student, you are open to a big world of opportunities, you tend to live an independent life, explore the new cities and life ahead. The challenge that comes across, while students pursue their study abroad, prepares them for a better individual.

why study abroad

Study abroad- Indian Student Choices

There are lot of universities and colleges across the world, accepting international students. From the current trend, it can be seen that Indian students prefer studying at U.S.A, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Singapore and Germany. The most sought after courses being MBA (Masters in Business Administration) , M Sc (Masters in Science), Masters in Telecommunications, Masters in Computer Science, Masters in Marketing, Bachelors in MBBS, Bachelors in Civil, Masters in General Management, Masters in Aviation etc.. Students generally have to appear for TOEFL or GMAT exams, before applying for any of the universities of their choice. Few universities might have other screening tests also. The visa processes are easy and there are lots of funding options available at low interest rates to meet the financial needs. Not a part of Indian culture, but students who study abroad usually takes up a part time job in the country to meet the daily expenses own their own.  This adds to the value experience and is a short stint for the professional world ahead. Best Career in Beauty Industry

Why study abroad

Students choose to go for why study abroad due to various reasons: they can access the huge pool of global opportunities and highly paid jobs, it gives them an experience of taste and culture of a new country, easy financial and logistics options, set up an international network and lead an independent life. The accommodation and living costs can be borne by students themselves, through the earnings of their part time jobs and loans can be availed for tuition fees. Students can be a part of the top universities across the world, while they choose to study in abroad.

It is important to plan in advance, if you plan to study abroad as each college/university has different timings for the application. Plan and prepare well for the entrance examinations, there is bundle of information available online. Once through with the entrance exam, students might need to submit their portfolio, appear for an interview etc depending on the institute. So, it is important to be prepared well in advance, before you decide to pursue your dream of study in abroad.

With the advance in technology, it is easy to stay connected at home while you study in abroad. Cheap video calling through face time, skype etc. makes you feel at home away from home.

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