Part Time MBA Programs – Why part time MBA programs?

By | July 11, 2017

Part-Time MBA Programs – Why part-time MBA programs?

Part-Time MBA Programs

MBA, the most sought after post-graduate degree these days can also be secured through part-time MBA programs. Good MBA programs are instrumental in building potential future leaders and employers these days are hungry for people from education in management background. Many individuals want to pursue an MBA, while still continuing with their job. The MBA programs part-time are an answer to this problem. A lot of part-time programs are available these days and individuals can choose the course based on their convenience. The benefits of such MBA programs are ample and being explored by a lot of people, as is visible in the growing popularity of these programs.

part time mba programs

Why part-time MBA programs?

The education market is full of institutes offering regular and part-time MBA programs. It is important to make a wise choice while choosing the program that best fits your needs. With the particular MBA program, you can continue with your aim of continuing education, while carrying on with your job and other responsibilities. You can choose to study in your own comfort at your own convenience. There are no fixed lecture timings. With the advent of technology, online learning is a boon and all the colleges which offer part-time MBA programs, offer the learning modules online.

Hence, the programs are easy to access and you need not much infrastructure, but a computer and an internet connection to pursue an MBA degree. The quality of education is on par with the regular courses and students face a rich learning experience while pursuing the study for a part-time MBA. MBA degree, earned through a part-time program is big values add to your resume and makes you eligible for senior positions in the organization, requiring management education. Part-time courses are affordable and less expensive as compared to a traditional regular MBA course. The course duration could be one; two or three years depending on the specialization and the type, of course, you opt for.

Part-time MBA programs in India

India is a host to one of the world’s biggest education market, and there are large numbers of institutes offering part-time MBA programs. The selection criterion varies as per college, but the completion is not as fierce as a regular classroom course.  Many prestigious institutes offer suitable MBA programs to meet the educational needs of working professionals. Below is a list of few top institutes:

  • Symbiosis Institute of Business Management
  • Sikkim Manipal University
  • Indian Institute of Management
  • Management Development Institute
  • Faculty of Management Studies
  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
  • Institute of Management Technology
  • Indian Institute of Technology
  • Goa Institute of Management

Most of these institutes offer postgraduate diploma courses in management in various specializations like operations, finance, marketing, human resources, general management, etc. Part time MBA courses have seen a huge increase in student enrolment over the past few years.

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