Importance of Health Education – Why Health Education Important for Every Child

Importance of Health Education – What is Health Education

Importance of Health EducationHealth Education in India – Good health is the birthright of every child. The Constitution of India grants this right to every citizen of India.  It is very important for all individuals to understand the importance of good health and adapt their habits, surroundings, food etc accordingly. Good health is essential for a good life. So, health education is one such aspect of health, where individuals are taught about good health, what it refers to, how to attain it and maintain yourself healthyHealth Education is an important part of school curriculum these days. The course covers emotional, Intellectual, physical, mental and social health. Kids are taught about health at very young age, so that they can maintain for themselves a healthy lifestyle. For a developing India, hugely stuck by poverty, the particular form of education is indispensable. Poverty is the root cause of many health issues. Therefore, India can try to overpower the nuances of poverty to some extent. Importance of Health Education

Rightly said, health is wealth. If you are healthy you are rich, if you are unhealthy, all your wealth would be wasted in medical treatments. Therefore, to lead a rich life, it is important to stay healthy. Health Education is one medium that can bridge the gap between unhealthy you and healthy practices. Various aspects of heath educations are: Importance of Health Education

  • Knowing the preventive measures for various diseases
  • Preferring prevention over cure
  • Identifying what kind of medical support is needed in various situations
  • Adopting healthy lifestyle habits
  • Promote personal as well as community health
  • Know how to respond in an emergency situation
  • Knowing how to prevent common childhood injuries
  • Know the validity of health products and services
  • Know the influence of technology on health
  • Know the difference between healthy and unhealthy practices
  • Inter relation between environment and personal health
  • Know yourself and your health

These and many more topics are covered in health Education as per the age of child .

Health Education in India

Central Health Education Bureau  is the Central body created in 1965 under the Directorate of General Health Services ,Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India to promote the overall health in India. Establishment of a central body clearly indicates the importance of this field for India. The aim of the body is to plan and implement various plans for promoting good family health and helping organizations provide health education to all. Importance of Health Education

So, it cannot be ignored in India, as the country is a home to some of the grievous problems like malnutrition, hunger, poor health, poverty etc. It is important for health educators, to not just educate the individuals but plan some activities, programs for influential and interactive impression. The level of health education has developed over last few years and a lot needs to be done. For individuals, who understand what ’good health’ is, should use their knowledge to promote good community health.

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