Entrance Exam After 12th – Important Competitive Exams After 12th

Entrance Exam After 12th – India Competitive Exams After 12th

India has a vast education system. There are lot of universities, colleges, deemed universities, institutions to the credit of Indian Education System. Today you need to sit for the exams and you have to get the qualifying marks that would make you eligible to grab the desired success. The entrance exams are designed to test the knowledge and aptitude of students. It enables the colleges to select the best fit candidates for them through a fair procedure. Some institutes prefer common entrance exams while others might conduct their own test.  Students usually start preparing for entrance exams quite early as it is a nationwide completion. A lot of hard work is put in by aspiring students to crack the exams getting admission to the institutes of their choice. Entrance Exam After 12th

Entrance Exam After 12th – Entrance Exams in India

Entrance exams in India are mostly conducted for undergraduate courses and higher education. The exams are designed on various syllabuses, based on the offering from the institute. The preparation of exams prepares students for challenges ahead as it no less than ‘burning midnight oil’. The competition is really tough in India, where many students come out with flying colors, securing more than 85% in their school exams.  For some entrance exams like IIT-JEE (Engineering), students start preparing as early as class 8th.The gravity of competition cannot be definitely ignored. There are various entrance exams for different institutes. A few of them are listed below:

Engineering Entrance Exams:

  • Joint Entrance Exam(JEE-main)
  • Birla Institute of Science and Technology Admission Test
  • Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test
  • Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance exam

Fashion Designing Entrance exams:

  • NIFT Entrance Exam
  • National Institute of Design(NID) Aptitude Test
  • All India Entrance Examination for Design
  • Pearl Academy of Fashion Entrance Exam

Film and Television Entrance Exams:

  • NSD Screening Test
  • FTII Entrance Exam

Management Entrance Exams:

  • Common Management Admission Test (CAT)
  • Management Aptitude Test(MAT)
  • Management Aptitude and Skills Test(MSAT)

Medical Entrance exams:

  • CMC Vellore Medical Entrance Examinations
  • Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test(GPAT)
  • Armed Forces Medical College(AFMC) MBBS Entrance Exam
  • NEET

Law Entrance Exams:

  • Law School Admission Test (LSAT)-India
  • NALSAR Entrance Test
  • Common Law admission Test
  • Kerala Law Entrance Examination

These and many more entrance tests are conducted across India, to select the right candidates for colleges. The exams may be paper based or computer based in some cases. Most of the exams are multiple choice questions (MCQ) based.   Many of the state based universities conduct their own entrance exams , and do not consider the merit from common entrance tests. You can check the website of the college you are aspiring for, to get more detailed information. Entrance Exam After 12th

Preparing for Entrance Exams:

For all the students who are preparing for entrance exams must follow the syllabus with patience and perseverance. It is important to pay attention to details. Students should be ready to devote stretched hours for preparation. They should follow a healthy diet and stay fit. A lot of coaching institutes help prepare students for various entrance exams.

It is essential to have a goal in mind before proceeding for preparations.

By Neha Singh

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