Consumer Health Education Review – Why Consumer Health Education?

Consumer Health Education – Why Consumer Health Education?

Consumer Health EducationConsumer health Education is the fundamental component of education and consumer education in turn. It is about teaching people the skills, knowledge and attitude for a healthy living. This is a platform for the healthcare service/products provider to enhance their brand value and promote good health at the same time. As a part the particular form of health Education, all the health care providers give healthy tips , disease handling tips or knowledge regarding anything that concerns good health . The information can be made available to consumers through their website, portals, community programs or any other medium. Therefore, health care service/product providers can use the opportunity to promote their brand amongst the masses through this kind of social service to the community.

Why Consumer Health Education?

Consumer Health Education is a great tool to strengthen the brand value. By providing this kind of education, you can increase patient satisfaction, compliance and keep your patients updated about health aspects. There are various means to provide Consumer Health Education.

  • Use animations, videos and illustrations to demonstrate about various diseases, injuries  etc and their treatment, prevention etc
  • Wellness tools like the ones for tracking heart rate, BMI, calorie burnt etc.
  • With the introduction of smart phone, many health based applications are available which can be an effective aid to promote good health.

These means work in addition to articles, blogs etc written to promote Consumer health Education. The field of education is gaining popularity in India, owing to the growing health care service providers here. More and more health care providers now consider their moral responsibility to teach ‘good health’ to developing India.  It’s highly essential in India due to various reasons as listed below:

  • To prevent exploitation of Customer (more than 30% population is still illiterate and poor, hence easy to exploit). It can help prevent this to a large extent.
  • The country has ineffective Consumer laws
  • Indian Population is still not quality conscious. Its time for Indians to understand each and every aspect of quality as there are diverse service/product providers in the country.
  • To cater to the information gap, Consumer Health Education is an important tool.

Consumers should understand the basics of not buying products which are expired and learn at least how to promote personal health.

Consumer Health Education: Stay healthy

Staying healthy requires that one should be informed and involved with managing his/her health and lifestyle. Health care providers play an important role here to keep the individuals informed and involved. There are various topics bought up by healthcare providers to promote good health. Some of these could be:

  • Coping up with Chronic pain
  • Caring for someone with heart disease
  • Handle your heart smart
  • Managing Side effects of certain medicines
  • Consumer Awareness Programs
  • How to manage your disease
  • How to manage your medications

These and many more educational programs by health care providers are an effective aid for a healthy community.

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By Neha Singh

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