How to Make Careers In Advertising – Marketing offers Good Pay Packages

Career in Advertising – Career in Advertising offers Good Pay Packages with High Incentives

Advertising is an innovative industry, one for creative thinkers.  It uses media like television, radio, newspapers, websites etc. to   convey promotional /awareness message among st the masses. Advertising industry in India has witnessed rapid development over past few decades, owing to the changing social behavior and trends in globalization. All the companies, organizations, educational institutes and any other business entity believe in the power of advertisements to connect with the world. The importance of advertising industry definitely cannot be ignored. A career is advertising as lucrative as the industry itself, but quite challenging at the same time. This glamorous industry offers many individuals great career opportunities.


Pre-Requisites for Career in Advertising

Like any other career option, there are certain pre-requisites for career in advertising as well.  It is important to have a professional degree or diploma in the field of advertisement, to make a head start into this exciting world of opportunities. Various reputed institutes like Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies  etc .offer graduate  and post graduate level courses in  this field. Besides obtaining a formal degree, one must have a creative aptitude to make a foray in this industry. Advertising industry has a huge appetite for innovation, to take the industry to next level.  This is highly competitive industry owing to the innovative nature of industry. Your new idea might become a hit in the market and attract lots of business for the client. The individuals, who decide to go for a career in advertising,   must have excellent communication skills, confidence, presentation skills, team working capabilities, ability to work under pressure and the confidence to thrive in this fiercely competitive industry.

Job Options in Advertising Industry

India is a rapidly growing nation. With the growth in various businesses, the advertising has become an indispensable part of Indian economic world. More and more organizations now look forward to the benefits of advertising in order to make heavy revenues from their business. Various brands are known for their great advertising campaigns. If one decides to go for a career in advertising, he/she   can be expected to be offered various job profiles. An advertising professional can work as advertising account executive, account planner, advertising and editorial photographer, art Director (Creative), advertising Copywriter, media buyer, media planner etc.  Account executive and account planners are primarily responsible for client servicing, they represent the agency to client and chalk out strategic advertisement plans for the clients. Media planners and buyers decide the best media choice for the customer to choose from based on the target audience. An editorial photographer and Art Director, nevertheless to say perform the creative operations of advertising industry.

Career in Advertising offers good pay packages with high incentives, thereby making itself and attractive option for young Indians. Indian advertising agencies handle domestic and international clients, thus increasing the job prospects for ones looking for a career in advertising. Indian advertising industry is gaining worldwide recognition and definitely the one to make a successful career.

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