Best Career in NGO – Making Entry into NGOs

Best Career in NGO – How to Make Bright Career In Non Governmental Organization

Career in NGO – If you are looking to make a difference in your life, job in NGO (Non Governmental Organization) is the one for you. These are nonprofit organizations, which aim at improving the lives of people. NGOs work for various social causes like child protection, child education, women empowerment, support for old aged, youth development, rural and urban employment, environment protection etc. Many NGOs have come up in India over past few years and made a great change in the life of people. They have expanded enormously and have been backed by international organizations like UNICEF.As a part of corporate Social Responsibility, many organizations tie up with NGOs to support the noble cause. NGOs run through support provided by government, private organizations and people. As more and more NGOs are mushrooming in India, many individuals opt for career in this field. Career in NGO is for the ones who have a passion to support others.

Career in NGO

Making Entry into NGOs

For making a foray in this social service community, an individual must hold a basic degree in any educational discipline and a specialized qualification in social development; rural development etc may be a value add. For securing a job in NGO, one has to go through a competitive selection procedure like any other prized job. There are no shortcuts for making a way for yourself in an NGO. Besides being a graduate, you must possess good interpersonal skills. Knowing regional language, and a good understanding of the culture of a particular area can brighten your chances of entering a particular NGO. NGO professionals need to adapt to the culture of the place they are working for and must be able to handle difficult and emergency situations with calm. Many management colleges have devoted compulsory social service hours to their regular curriculum. Students from these institutions have good chances to support community at young age. The most easy method of associating with an NGO is to become a volunteer. Even a few hours a week can make a good impact in your CV to make a professional entry into NGO. A professional can work as a Project Manager, Associate adviser, Communication Coordinator, trainer, work executive, social researcher, technical adviser etc in an NGO. Career in Hospitality Management

NGO Career prospects in India

India’s NGO sector has witnesses a huge growth in last few decades. The most popular NGOs in India are Smile Foundation( promoting the cause of education for underprivileged children), Nanhi Kali (supporting girl child education), Give India Foundation (donations of individuals are used for social causes), Goonj ( powerful rural entrepreneurship organization), Help Age India (providing support to India’s aging population and isolated folks). Choosing Career in NGO is not an easy option as compensation packages are not that lucrative, but the results are highly satisfying personally. Working with an NGO is not just doing another job, but exploring the  opportunities to make a difference in our own and community’s life. It is for the ones who have an urge to do service for the community. Career In Nursing 

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