Best Career in Hospitality Management – Treat our Guests like God

Best Career in Hospitality Management

Indian hospitality sector is renowned worldwide as we treat our guests like God. As the popular saying goes ‘Atithi  Devo  Bhava’ . As India has a service driven economy, hospitality is one of the major contributors to the GDP. Hospitality industry is growing with booming tourism and globalization. Hospitality industry mainly includes boarding, lodging, food, travel and tourism sectors. Other areas could include event venues, conference centers, consulting firms and clubs.  Hospitality industry offers vast range of career options for individuals who decide to step into this exciting world. The professionals from hospitality industry strive to exceed Customer expectations each moment. Career in hospitality is for the ones who have an instinct to support others and pursue excellence. Career in Nursing

Career in Hospitality

Stepping into the Career in Hospitality Management

Hospitality sector has a huge potential in Indian economic market. Tourism in India has reached new zenith, and we see people from around the world visiting India for various reasons like religious, medical or a pure fun filled holiday. Besides this, with the advent of globalization, Indians themselves are major contributors to hospitality sector as more families now plan for holidays and go out for eating at a restaurant to come out of their mundane life schedule. A lot of restaurant chains have come up at India, and we also see lot number of popular foreign food chains being launched in India every other day.   India is definitely a growing hub for hospitality sector and hence career in hospitality sector is quite rewarding. Various educational institutes across India offer courses in various specialties in hospitality. Students can opt for a bachelorette or master course from Institutes like Institute of Hotel Management, Sikkim Manipal University, National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Culinary Academy of India, Delhi Institute of Hotel Management etc. Various specializations offered  by these institutes include hotel management, catering management, cooking, bartender, culinary arts and many more to choose from. An individual who can fit well into this sector should have traits like confidence, good communication skills, persuasive powers, warmth and pleasantness to list a few.

Job Options in Hospitality

Hospitality is engaging and socially oriented sector. As indicated earlier, hospitality comprise lodging, travel, tourism and much more. Lodging segment includes hotels, motels, casinos, resorts etc. Food services refer to various food chains, restaurants etc. Travel and tourism is not just limited to airlines, cruise lines, tour operations etc. The diverse fields in this industry offer lucrative career opportunities . Career in hospitality has a lot of job options available to choose from. The jobs are easily available, as hospitality is needed everywhere. It involves an array of job roles ranging from front desks executives to managerial positions. Various job options are available in operations, sales and management divisions. Various job titles available are receptionist, tour guide, tourism Information Officer, Kitchen Manager, head chef, Floor Manager, Room Attendant, General Manager or an owner of a hotel etc. Hospitality sector offers good compensation packages, and thereby becoming a preferred choice for many individuals.

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